Over five years ago at Autism Fitness we launched the Autism Fitness Certification Level 1. The goal was (and remains) creating a new standard of practice for fitness and adapted PE. Over this half-decade, the Certification evolved, focusing on teaching the core fundamentals of the PAC Profile and Autism Fitness 15. By 2019 we had nearly 300 Certified Pros in 10 countries.

There were 15 Level 1 Certification seminars scheduled for 2020. The global pandemic changed everything. We were faced with the biggest decision ever with respect to the course; do we take it virtual, and how?

One thing cannot be compromised; the integrity of what we deliver through the Certification. We needed to ensure that the level of training received would result in a better experience for our attendees. Which, of course, leads to a better experience for their athletes.

For two intense weeks we took the Level 1 course and put it back together again. Taking what was once a two full-day intensive (and it was, according to many of our attendees) and creating a 9-session online class. The second part was the challenge; How do we replicate the hands-on training that distinguishes the Autism Fitness experience?

And so we went virtual. With skeptical optimism.

A full day. Via Zoom. Participants from around the US (and in subsequent live practical events, around the world).

And it worked. Not according to us (until we heard otherwise), but according to our participants.

Since we launched the Level 1 Certification, the singular reigning questions has been; “Do you offer an online course?”

The answer now is yes, however not in the passive “online course” way.

Each of our pre-recorded classes gives you more in-depth understanding of the PAC Profile Method, how to assess baseline skills, the Autism Fitness 15 exercises, progressions and regressions for warm-up, power, and strength movements, the art of coaching and cueing, positive behavior support, and program design for individuals and classes.

The hands-on component is vital to the success of the entire program; After all, we’re teaching exercise and movement. And with exercise education comes the necessity of practice. Knowledge is information until it is practiced. The hands-on portion of the Level 1 course fulfills this gap. Attendees now spend a full day, from any location, learning correct form and the nuances of hurdle steps, bear walks, medicine ball throws, squats, presses, and more. These are the foundation of effective programming. Confidence in coaching and cueing each exercise is something each Level 1 attendee leaves the course having.

During the live virtual practical we take time to answer each question, going in-depth with “what if” situations and the ever-present “I have an athlete who…”


So what do you get in the new version of the Autism Fitness Certification Level 1?

You get immediate access to nine, 90-minute pre-recorded classes. Access to the Autism Fitness Toolbox. And attendance in an upcoming live full-day practical (we offer both US and International time zones). You get to interact with other practitioners around the world. From anywhere, you can bring the Movement for Movement to YOUR athletes.

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