Your 14-year old student with autism picks up the medicine ball and, after choosing push throws, walks over to his red circle marker.

“Great standing! Push throws, go ahead.”

He steps out of the circle and bounce-passes the ball.

“Push throws. From your chest,” as you return the ball to him.

His right foot moves out of the circle and he bounce passes again.

So what to address here first? Which module was that in? Is this physical, adaptive, or cognitive?

Information is virtually useless without application, especially when we’re talking about fitness and adapted PE programming for the autism and special needs populations. There’s a lot to consider. And in any given moment there’s the chance that our athlete gets anxious, or hip position is compromised, or spine position is lost due to fatigue.

The bridge between information and usability is in the practice. This isn’t novel; it has applicability to most skills. How should a band row move? Where do we prompt when the hands shift?

The difference between an exercise being beneficial in name versus in reality is in performance. Equally so with coaching. Coaching is a skill set that includes knowing what an exercise feels like, when a movement is optimal, and at what point to intervene with a regression or prompt.

The Autism Fitness Certification Level 1 is a blended learning course giving you the experience both you and your athletes deserve. With the combined online course and live practical, you get the information and the application.

In the wake of COVID, or really, any time before or since, we could have moved the entire curriculum online. It would have been convenient for us and convenient for everyone else. But it would not be optimal. And “convenience” isn’t what makes amazing coaches and outstanding programs.

Accessibility is a different story. Which is why our blended learning model makes the Level 1 Certification is a big advancement. With 9 pre-recorded online sessions, the Autism Fitness Toolbox, and the Level 1 Guidebook, you have access to the entire curriculum before attending your live practical (in-person or live virtual).

How great a coach do your athletes deserve? If your answer is “The Best,” we invite you to join the Movement for Movement and become an Autism Fitness Certified Pro.

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